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Social Media Specialist

San Antonio, TX, USA

Job Type:




Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

  • Content Creation:

  • Develop and write engaging and concise social media posts for various platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Craft compelling headlines, captions, and calls to action that resonate with our brand's voice and objectives.

  • Collaborate with the business owner to plan and schedule social media posts in advance.

  • Ensure posts are aligned with marketing campaigns, product launches, and relevant events.

  • Coordinate with graphic designers and photographers to pair text with eye-catching visuals when needed.

  • Maintain a cohesive visual and written narrative across all social media channels.

  • Audience Engagement:

  • Monitor and respond to comments, messages, and mentions on social media promptly and professionally.

  • Foster engagement through active interaction with our online community.


  • Experience in social media content creation and management.

  • Excellent writing and editing skills with a keen eye for grammar and spelling.

  • Strong understanding of various social media platforms and their unique requirements.

  • Creativity and the ability to generate fresh and innovative ideas.

  • Familiarity with social media scheduling tools and analytics platforms.

  • Self-motivated and able to meet deadlines.

About the Company

Tekgration LLC provides cutting-edge software and cybersecurity solutions tailored exclusively for government agencies. We are dedicated to revolutionizing how technology is harnessed to secure and optimize government operations. To accomplish this, we are seeking a Social Media Specialist to support our mission of becoming an IT thought leader in the government contracting industry.

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